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Homeschool Portfolio Evaluations

We as home educators know our children better than anyone! We see them grow and change, emotionally, socially, physically and academically each year as they naturally progress on their own timeline encouraged through a learning environment that is just right for them.

I am an experienced educator that highly values whole-child education and aims to deeply understand child development. My background as a public high school science teacher, a private Montessori adolescent guide, a citizen science curriculum developer, a nature program leader, and a homeschool parent provide the extensive perspective needed to evaluate children’s growth. I pride myself on the work I do with families that brings more joy and harmony to their lives, and I truly believe that joy within the family leads to harmony within communities and peace in the greater world.

My evaluation services reflect these values. You have the opportunity to share with me all of the ways that your child or adolescent has grown and changed throughout the year. As your family prepares portfolios keep in mind the two main elements, a reading list of books that you and your child have read throughout the year AND work samples across a range of subject areas from the beginning, middle and end of the year that help demonstrate their growth, “commensurate with age and ability”. You may provide any type of work samples including but not limited to, drawings, stories, written reports, certificates or transcripts from classes taken, hard copies or photos of a child’s completed work, math worksheets, and short videos. These may be presented in any way that you choose such as notebook, binder, scrapbook, box of original work, digital slideshow, etc., as long as they are clearly organized by date.

For all portfolio reviews I use a 3-step approach, which varies slightly depending on if you choose a remote, drop-off or in-person option. It may also vary based on the number of portfolios being evaluated and the type of portfolio:

  • Portfolio Intake 

  • Portfolio evaluation 

  • Portfolio discussion

I request that you book a separate session for each child who needs a portfolio review because the intake form will be particular to each child. 

Should you have any additional needs or requests regarding the outcomes of the Portfolio Review I am happy to work with you to build a more customized plan.

I hope you find both my experience and my approach to be a high quality fit for your family.

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